Meet Ceibana and Yuki-two fosters sponsored by Stray from the Heart

I recently had the pleasant honor of photographing Ceibana and Yuki, two rescues that are being sponsored by Stray from the Heart, a rescue organization that sponsors rescue and fostering of strays, while they get ready to be placed in the perfect forever home.  Ceibana is being fostered by Gina Sein of rio Grande, PR and Yuki is being fostered by Chrystina Arce of Adjuntas.  Both dogs have entirely different characters, but both have in common that they suffered as strays born or abandoned to face a life of abuse, neglect and hardship.  Both dogs bear the scars that are proof of their suffering while on the streets.  When Ceibana was rescued she was barely alive, she had a wound on her head, probably made by a machete or maybe by a car, she almost had no coat due to a severe skin condition, and she also had an eye infection that damaged one of her eyes.  Yuki was rescued a very young puppy, also with head trauma and eye injury. Her right eye was permanently damaged. 

Still we have two wonderful dogs, ready to be adopted, ready to find a home that welcome them as part of the family for the rest of their lives.  They are both living examples that there is still so much to be learned, so much to be taught, so much to be done on our road to giving animals the place they deserve on this earth.

Ceibana is very low key, calm and so sweet, a great companion for life

Yuki is still a puppy, she is very playful, active and energetic, great for a family with kids