Meet Lola: the spunkiest senior I've ever met

I really want to be like Lola when I grow older.  Lola is a senior Jack Russell found roaming around Punta Las Marias and Loiza Street in San Juan. She was dusty, hungry and had  a ragged red collar with no tags.  Her story is one that that has become far too common in Puerto Rico these days: people are leaving the island in search of better chances in the U.S or elsewhere, and pets are paying the price.  As we later found out, Lola's guardian since she was a puppy, left her behind with a friend who was supposed to take her of her temporarily until he could finally come get her or have her flown to his new home.  Sadly, this day never came and will never come for Lola.  She has been officially abandoned by her former guardian.  He no longer has any plan of ever reuniting with Lola again.  

Lola is now looking for a new home.  She is a very active senior, in good health, loves the beach and is very playful and sweet.

Her foster mom Tati Fridman, asked me to meet her and Lola at the beach for a few pictures. So, meet Lola